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Commodity Supply

Commodity Supply of Petroleum and Mineral Products

we are able to Export and import all kinds of Petrochemicals, minerals and Petroleum, petroleum derivatives all over the world.
please do not hesitate to cantact us for puschase your products.

CoalSoda ashSulfurSodium Di carbonateUrea FertilizerBitome
Polymer materialsHigh-density PolyethylenePolymer GranaleButadieneOlefinButane
Green CokeMazutPP552RpvcMTBEC4CVT
Green Coke CementSoda AshZinePlumbom
SulfurMineral SulfurMineral Bitumenetc...
CopperIron StoneManganeseBentoniteKaolin
L62D2Crude Oil
SNGGasolineJet Fuel